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What is Technasium?

Technasium is the formula for secondary STEM education in the Netherlands. Technasium students work in a team on real science and technical projects. The students follow the unique course Research & Design from their first year to the final exams that will qualify them for higher education.

Dutch formula for secondary STEM education

Technasium students start with relatively simple projects. During their Technasium training they develop the skills to design solutions for increasingly more complex technological issues. Technasium pupils graduate with an extensive thesis in which they conduct research into and make a design for a current practical case at higher professional or university level.

Because Technasium students get acquainted with different professions and issues in science at an early stage, they can deliberately opt for a science-related follow-up educational program. The Technasium formula stimulates pupils to develop important skills, like cooperation, entrepreneurship, creativity, communication, self-management and project-based work.

STEM stands for a multidisciplinairy, integrated approach of

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

Technasium community

The Technasium is a community; its strength lies in the collaboration between the different parties. The Technasium community is a professional, learning and innovative network organization where co-creation, appreciative perspective, trust and ownership are important. The professional culture is determined by equality, working together on shared ambitions and learning from each other.

A total of over 100 active and ambitious secundary schools have the Technasium predicate and, therefore, may call themselves Technasium. They work together in regional networks. The Technasium community consists of 18 regional networks spread across the Netherlands.

The Technasium predicate is based on jointly monitoring and developing the quality of Technasium education and active participation in the community. All with the same goal: to prepare students to become successful students of advanced science education. Technasium schools are supported by the Technasium Foundation.

Become a client for Technasium students

Technasium students learn and develop their skills by working on real projects for actual companies. So, does your company or organization have a (technical) issue that cannot be resolved? Because you simply cannot get around to it, for example. Your problem could just be solved by Technasium students. You will be amazed by the surprising and creative solutions!

What’s in it for you?

Becoming a client for Technasium doesn’t take much time, but it does bring you a lot. You will be surprised by the level students achieve. Often students come up with out-of-the-box perspectives: a starting point for new ideas and plans within your company. The collaboration with the students has a refreshing effect and provides energy for employees. Also nice: the results regularly make it to the media, which means free publicity for your company.

Invest in your industry and region

Students take a look at your company or organization and get to work on a real, topical issue. They gain a lot of knowledge and impressions of the industry in which you operate. You interest them in further education and career in science and technology. Who knows, you might meet students who want to work for you later.

More information

You too can make a valuable contribution to Technasium education. With your help, we keep Technasium education up to date and lifelike for the more than 32,000 Technasium students. For more information contact the Technasium Foundation or the network director in your area.

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